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Our Journey so far

Our charity 'Beyond the Wall' has been supporting people with learning difficulties for over 10 years. The initial project started with an idea  that Lord and Lady Henniker had to provide support for young people with difficulties in a community environment. We rent the buildings and grounds within the Walled Garden. The estate has allowed us to develop  and improve the buildings to suit our work and our clients.

The work of the charity has developed over the years and our remit has changed to involve all people from 16 years of age. We have formed strong partnerships with Suffolk and Norfolk local authorities, and with other charitable providers in our vicinity. ​

We have steadily  and successfully grown into the organisation we are today.

Our provision meets the needs of over 35 clients and we are increasing our capacity to support new clients. Many people including staff and volunteers have contributed to the smooth running of this exceptional charity. 

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Our Partners

Our work would not be possible without the support of the friends and partners who have supported us over the years.


To find out how they have supported us...

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