What we do

We offer a safe inclusive environment where clients are able to learn at their own pace and level. Our programmes are educational and include the development of personal and social skills which are essential to help clients make a productive contribution to community life.  

Each Individual will have a personal progress and achievement plan, and will work with staff to ensure any changing needs or targets are met.

Clients are encouraged to try new things and always have a go!

Foundation Skills

Literacy,  Numeracy, ICT

Independent Living Skills (Courses)

Everyday Food and Drink Prep             Basic Cooking Techniques

Food Safety and Storage                       Making a Simple Meal

Using Domestic Appliances                  Household Cleaning

Kitchen Hygiene                                     Household Shopping

Household Expenses                             Managing Waste


Work Preparation (Courses)

Exploring Job Opportunities                  Responsible Work Practice

Following Instructions                           Understanding rights and Responsibilities

Team Work Skills                                    C.V. Writing

Applying for a Job                                   Volunteering

Working as a volunteer                          Work Experience

Leisure (Courses - RARPA based)

Accessing the Countryside                   Photography

Exploring Art                                          Exploring Dance

Exploring Music                                      Exploring Performance

Gardening for Pleasure                         Hobbies

Observing Birds                                      Outdoor Pursuits

Pet Care

Heath and Wellbeing (Sessions)

Yoga, Wellbeing, Healthy eating, Music, Practical gardening, Woodland Walks, Appreciating nature,  Confidence Building, Social Interaction, Lunch club


We grow and sell our own plants, fruit and vegetables, nurture a bee hive and have our own chickens. We make and sell a variety of preserves and pickles, honey and lavender products.

​We cater for a drop-in lunch club for older people in the community and we are looking to expand this area of our work.


When We Do It

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Our Partners

Our work would not be possible without the support of the friends and partners who have supported us over the years.


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