How we raise and spend our money

As a charity we have no income other than donations from the public, fund raising and payments for the service we offer. We thank everyone who donates either time or money, it is essential to the running of the service.  We are careful to spend all our money on our work, keeping administrative expenses to a minimum. We provide a range of courses to meet individual needs within a small group setting.   We have plans to increase our income from fund raising to pay for the little extras that will further enhance our clients experience with us. We are also expanding the service so we can offer a few more places on our courses.


How we raise our money

We are funded mainly from the purchase of our service from client's personal allowances. We are reliant on one source of funding. We are  working to broaden the stream of funding to continue to develop our provision. This is very important to us as it means we can remain entirely independent. It also means we are less vulnerable to changes in one area of income.

How we spend our money

For every £1.00 we received in donations and Fund raising events, we spent £1.00 on our charitable work.

The trustees and staff have a rolling 3 year development plan. The plan ensures that we know what we want to achieve and the actions we need to take to do this, it is costed so that we can make our money work hard and have the greatest impact. This plan is regularly up dated and monitored by the trustees.

Our Expenditure 20/21

Staffing  £000.00

Administrative costs (e.g. stationary, phone, internet)£00.00

Utilities £00.00

Repairs, maintenance and rent  £,000.00

Education training and courses £00.00

Equipment and vehicle maintenance/fuel and insurance £00.00

Contingency (3 months running costs) £35000.00

Volunteers who donate their time save the charity approximately £23000.00 a year.

All Fund raising events are supported by volunteers, clients and the trustees. This means there are no administrative costs for these events and all the money can go directly to supporting our clients.

Please contact Admin for more information on our Business plan and Financial accounts.

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