Personalised support

Personal Budgets

We discuss and plan for the needs of individuals with personalised budgets.


It is very important  that our clients have a REAL say their individual program of activities and in how the service is operated . With this in mind all clients are consulted with both individually and in a group forum. Where possible clients views and interests will be included into our courses, if it is not possible then the reasons why are explained.

Healthy lifestyles

At beyond The Wall we consider physical activity a vital part of each day and in addition to our gardening activities we access the wheelchair friendly footpaths in Thornham Walks or use the local gym and swimming facilities.

We also run regular Yoga sessions to ensure we are fully inclusive and take a holistic approach towards developing a healthy mind-set.

Making healthy choices about our diet can also be challenging, we use our own produce wherever possible for our cooking and lunch club sessions and we share our knowledge of the benefits of a healthy diet and exercising portion control. We also offer supported learning to complete the British Nutrition Foundation Certificate.

Work skills

We take a practical approach towards the attainment of work skills and offer “Hands on” opportunities in a variety of areas including, horticulture, animal welfare, catering and retail.

We tailor in- house courses to meet the needs and aspirations of our learners and actively seek opportunities for clients to gain work experience through supported volunteering.

We are also very aware of the importance of leisure through the use of internet access and social media. We actively support safe internet access, explaining privacy protocols and supporting people to understand cyber bullying, both what they should do if they think they are being bullied and how to make sure their own behaviours are appropriate. 

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